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NGJALLJA Newspaper, December 2017 Issue


Headlines in this issue:


- Clergy Ordination at Christmas

- Interfaith Meeting on "Divine Love" at the Resurrection of Christ Theological Academy in St. Vlash, Durrës

- In the context of the Jubilee Year related to Gjergj Kastrioti – “The Orthodox Clergy next to Skënderbe” - By Dhimitër Beduli- Published twenty-five years ago in Ngjallja Newspaper

- The 100th Anniversary of the Restoration of Moscow Patriarchate - by Thoma Dhima

- “Spreading the Beauty of Orthodoxy in today’s World” - The Greeting Word in the Meeting of the Russian Orthodox Church where four hundred Hierarchs participated.

- Reception of Archbishop Anastasios by Patriarch Kirill of Moscow

- Crypto-Christianism in the area of Shpati in Elbasan helped to preserve Christian faith (Part II) - by Fr. Stavri Çipi

- Fr. Spiro Tola Reposed in the Lord – by Fr. Spiro Kostoli

- Protest about a "novel" that insults the Orthodox faithful and beyond, as well as the religious harmony in Albania

- A Conference on Issues Related to Heresy

- “Overcoming the Hardships” – An Excerpt from the Message of Archbishop Anastasios at Christmas 1992 – Published twenty-five years ago in Ngjallja Newspaper 


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