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  1. Inauguration of Platon High School in Korça
  2. "The Others Build Walls, but We Believe in Bridges"
  3. Three Years from the Consecration of the Resurrection of Christ Cathedral in Tirana
  4. Ngjallja Newspaper, May 2017 Issue
  5. Preparation for a New Gift for the Youth and the Economy of the Country
  6. Pilgrimage Visit of Archbishop Anastasios on the Holy Mountain
  7. Archbishop Anastasios at the International Book Fair in Thessaloniki
  8. Archbishop Anastasios as Guest of Honor on the Anniversary of the University of Athens
  9. Declaration of Religious Communities in Albania on Maintaining Peace and Wisdom in the Albanian Political Situation
  10. Ngjallja Newspaper, April 2017 Issue
  11. Autocephaly Granted to the Orthodox Church of Albania 80 Years Ago
  12. Photo Album from the Celebration of the "Resurrection of Christ" and the Official Reception, Tirana, 16.4.2017
  13. Moments from the Groom Service, on Sunday afternoon, April 9, 2017
  14. "Christ's Entry into Jerusalem" Feast Celebrated with Grandeur
  15. A Publication Dedicated to Orthodox Heritage
  16. "Ngjallja" Newspaper, March 2017 Issue
  17. International Conference on Current Developments and New Perspectives in Applied Sciences and Economics Held in Tirana
  18. Ngjallja Newspaper, February 2017 Issue
  19. Ngjallja Newspaper, January 2017 Issue
  20. Church Raized from the ruins-Interview of His Beatitude Archbishop Anastasios of Tirana, Durrës and All Albania with Genc Mlloja, Albanian Daily News
  21. Many Warm Wishes to His Beatitude, Archbishop Anastasios on the Feast of St. Anastasios the Persian
  22. "Family from the Standpoint of Christianity and Islam": Interreligious Symposium held in Tirana
  23. Fifth European Orthodox-Catholic Forum
  24. Moments from the feast of lights "Epiphany" celebrated throughout the country (Photo/video)
  25. The Church Calendars for 2017 have been issued
  26. Christmas Celebration & Official Receivement, Tirana 2016 (Photo)
  27. Ngjallja Newspaper, December Issue, 2016
  28. Archbishop Anastasios’ visit to Kalamata in the Metropolis of Messinia
  29. A Festive Concert of the Protagonists Albanian-American School
  30. Ngjallja Newspaper, November 2016 Issue
  31. Greeting of His Beatitude Anastasios, on the 70th Birthday Anniversary of His Holiness Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia
  32. Celebration of the 70th Birthday of His Holiness Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia
  33. Archbishop Anastasios Honored with the Title "Honorary Citizen" of Durresi
  34. Meeting of orthodox clergy wives in Albania
  35. Ngjallja Newspaper, October 2016 Issue
  36. Representatives of the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Albania in Attendance at the Consecration Ceremony of the Cathedral Church of St. John Vladimir in Bar, Montenegro
  37. Ngjallja Newspaper, September 2016 Issue
  38. The Next Meeting of the League of Orthodox Intellectuals
  39. International Conference on Orthodox Spirituality
  40. Ngjallja Newspaper, August 2016 Issue
  41. Fair Celebrating “Dormition of Theotokos” in Delvina
  42. Consecration of the Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in Mesopotami, Saranda Performed by Archbishop Anastasios
  43. Promotion of the “Construction Work in the Metropolis of Gjirokastra" Publication
  44. Church Summer Camps Conducted on “Truth makes us Free” Theme
  45. Archbishop Anastasios’ Speech at the Ceremony of Inauguration of Rapuni 3 & 4 Hydropower Station
  46. The New Cathedral Consecrated in Gjirokastra
  47. The Pupils of the Holy Cross Ecclesiastical Lyceum of Sukthi Received by Archbishop Anastasios
  48. Twenty-four Years of Wonderful Journey
  49. Inauguration of the Rapuni 3 & 4 Hydro Power Station, A Contribution to the Ongoing Work of the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania
  50. Ngjallja Newspaper, July 2016 Issue
  51. Ngjallja Newspaper, June 2016 Issue
  52. The Convocation of the Holy and Great Synod
  53. Message of the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church
  54. Academic Degrees Handed Out in the Theological Academy
  55. The Feast of St. John the Vladimir Celebrated with Grandeur
  56. The Convocation of the Holy and Great Synod of Orthodoxy is Imperative
  57. Celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of Consecration of the Resurrection of Christ Cathedral in Tirana
  58. Archbishop Anastasios’ visit to the injured in the accident in Kruja on May 27, 2016
  59. The Tragic Accident of a Group of Orthodox Pilgrims from Vlora
  60. “Ngjallja” Newspaper, May 2016 Issue
  61. Easter Concert: Songs and Dances for Common Emotions
  62. Interfaith Symposium on Creation and the Man as its Guardian
  63. “Ngjallja” Newspaper, April 2016 Issue
  64. "There is no reason to agree with anyone who speaks the language of hatred…"
  65. The Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania continues with unwavering unity to develop and to make progress
  66. The Biographies of the New Metropolitans
  67. Enthronement of His Eminence Andon as Metropolitan of Elbasan, Shpati and Librazhdi
  68. Enthronement of His Eminence Nikolla as Metropolitan of Apolonia and Fieri
  69. Enthronement of two new Metropolitans in two new Metropolises
  70. Meeting of the Clergy–Laity Assembly of the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania
  71. Two new Metropolises are established: The Metropolis of Apollonia and Fieri and the Metropolis of Elbasan, which are complemented by new Metropolitans
  72. Delirium of Slander against the Orthodox Church
  73. Fr. Ilia Qirjo’s Reply to Mr. Arben Llalla
  74. Request for the Return of Churches, Monasteries and Sacred Objects
  75. Training Program for Teachers from Kosovo and Albania
  76. “Ngjallja” Newspaper, February 2016 Issue
  77. Towards the Holy and Great Synod of the Orthodox Churches
  78. An Answer to a Shameless Slander
  79. Historic meeting between the Pope and Patriarch Kirill
  80. “Ngjallja” Newspaper, January 2016 Issue
  81. Synaxis of Primates of the Orthodox Churches
  82. Preparatory meeting of the Orthodox Primates was held for the Holy and Great Synod
  83. Promotion of the New Book by Archbishop Anastasios "Coexistence" in Athens, Greece.
  84. Publication of “Synaxarium: Life of the Saints of the Orthodox Church", Volume II, November-December
  85. Joyous Celebration despite the Harsh Weather
  86. The Church Calendars for 2016 have been issued
  87. President Nishani Hosts Official Dinner for Religious Communities
  88. Christmas Celebrated with Grandeur in Tirana
  89. "Ngjallja" Newspaper, December 2015 Issue
  90. Festive Concert of the Albanian-American School "Protagonists"
  91. Promotion of Anastasimatari - a Liturgical Music Book
  92. Archbishop Anastasios Honors Monsignor Rrok Mirdita
  93. The Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania was awarded the Prize of Appreciation 8.12.2015
  94. NGJALLJA Newspaper, November 2015 Issue
  95. 10th anniversary of the Center for Interreligious Cooperation in Elbasan
  96. Medals of Appreciation Awarded on the Occasion of the Flag Raising in Tirana
  97. Is Religion the Cause of Wars?
  98. In these moments we share the pain of the dear French people
  99. Introductory remark of Archbishop Anastasios on International Conference “Religious and Cultural Pluralism and Peaceful Coexistence in the Middle-East” that take place in Athens
  100. A New Public Protest - About the Demolition of the Church of St. Athanasius in Dhermi

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