The Non-public Ecclesiastical High School ‘The Holy Cross’ in Sukth, Durrës, is another ecclesiastical school of the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania. It was founded in September 2007 and started to operate through the initiative and the attention of His Beatitude Anastasios, Archbishop of Tirana, Durrës and all Albania.

    Like the other school in Gjirokastër, it operates according to the state laws for ecclesiastical non-public institutions and is based on the program of the Ministry of Education and Science. His Beatitude, Archbishop Anastasios grants scholarships to the pupils of the school. One of the objectives of the school is to have the proper facilities for the pupils to achieve a high cultural and scientific level. Along with a trained academic staff, the school aims for education and integration into society as dignified members. Another goal of the school is to educate and train the young generation for the needs of the Church. The school has at its disposal a variety of laboratories and supplies.


    The venue and the surroundings

    The Ecclesiastical High School ‘The Holy School’ is in the building formerly known as “The Toptan’s Villa”. It was bought and totally refurbished by Archbishop Anastasios who baptised it with the new name, ‘The Mount of Beatitudes’.

    The school has modern facilities and a dormitory. It has a perfect setting for studying to accomplish the school’s objectives.

    Besides the classrooms, the school is equipped with offices, a computer laboratory, library, athletic facilities, dining room, a dormitory and a chapel where the worship services take place.

    The Goal of the School
    The goal of the school is to provide pupils with;

• General academic and educational training

• Knowledge of the Orthodox Faith and Christian ethics, a clear conscience and an orthodox way of life.

• The appropriate atmosphere to acquire the personality traits which would make them helpful and worthy members of the Church and the community.

• In order to achieve the above goals, the proper facilities are provided for the growth of an orthodox Christian spiritual life - pupils are made aware of their mission.

• To educate new candidates for the Theological Academy ‘Resurrection of Christ’ in St. Vlasios, Durres, where students will find a continuation of the education provided by the Ecclesiastical High School ‘The Holy Cross’. 

    School Life

    The pupils are active in all the school programs, their lessons, liturgical services and all other school activities. Through a combination of the philosophy of life with school activities, each pupil is given the opportunity to develop his own personality and special skills.

    The curriculum is based on lesson plans, schedules and textbooks which are approved by the Ministry of Education and Science for a pre-university education. The curriculum also contains religious subjects such as Introduction to Orthodox Faith, Christian Ethics, Catechism, Byzantine Music and Iconography.

    Pupils participate in the daily worship services. The goal is to learn the rules of worship, chant hymns and use the liturgical books to assist the churches in their towns. There are skilled Byzantine music teachers who instruct and direct the choirs.

    The dormitory of the school has modern facilities for the pupils, so they may live like a big family with a spirit of friendship, cooperation and respect for each other. The school also gives regular medical assistance to its pupils.


    The selection of candidates is based on a competition within each dioceses of the country. They are tested in two main subjects: Albanian language and math. Besides a written test, the candidates have an interview to ascertain their personality traits and academic training.


The Non-public Ecclesiastical High School

"The Holy Cross" in Sukth, Durrës
Phone: 0576 211 62 & 0576 211 61
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